Local shows for “Our Museum” Projects Highlight Students’  Memories,  Cultures, and Hopes for the Future

Over 150 UIC staff, A/C members, High School Equivalency (HSE) English and Spanish and ESL students exhibited their “Our Museum” projects at the Blackstone Library, Garfield Park Conservatory, and Back of the Yards Library from FAST South, West, and Southwest sites.

This was the culminating project for the Social Studies badge for students to show they had mastered High School equivalency Competencies in group collaboration work, research, writing, critical thinking, and presentation skills.   Students had to describe their project idea to the group, research the topic, write and revise a narrative describing their project, create a diorama depicting their project, and describe their project in English to staff, students, and community members who visited the exhibit. Students will be loading their projects onto a digital platform to demonstrate their competencies.

Most of the stories centered on a family member from their youth who raised them, a custom, skill, or trade that they learned  from their family member  that they have passed on to their children, hopes and ideas they have to make their family and community better,  or a transformative skill or talent  that they or their children have mastered of which they are proud.  The presentations of students from all three sites highlighted the care, love, creativity, detail, and time that each student put into their project.  Many students had to address painful memories of their childhood, the loss and/or separation from their loved ones, or trauma from their youth to complete the projects.  This was a truly transformative a process that has brought the cohorts closer together as they shared their stories in a safe space guided by supportive and knowledgeable instructors and tutors.

Please come out on April 23rd at Daley Library on the UIC campus to meet the students from FAST West, South, and Southwest yourselves.

You won’t be disappointed!