COPAA 20TH Anniversary Conference


During 2018, Joshua Krasne, RCADD Director, completed the Special Education Advocacy Training
(SEAT) under the direction of the of Council Of Professional Advocates & Attorneys (COPAA).
Upon completion of the required internship, Joshua Krasne was fortunate enough to attend the
COPAA 20TH Anniversary Conference in Monterey California. He took part in panel discussions
which focused on ensuring the student with Autism is receiving TAP under both IDEA & Section
504 and challenging racial disparities in special education. The invaluable information acquired
will without question help to address the needs of RCADD’s patrons.


Submitted by Resource Center for Autism & Developmental Delays

Note from the editor, Shelley Maxwell:

This article is the tip of an iceberg of progressive behavior. Joshua Krasne is definitely a person to notice.
If you have more to share about Joshua or other FAST staff, why not submit A Person to Notice Article.



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